Apostle Linda C. Shearrill D.D.

Apostle Linda C. Shearrill D.D. became a member of Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church under the leadership of the late Apostle Richard D. Henton.  She is currently a member of Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church under the leadership of Apostle Mark A. Henton.  She has been with this ministry for over thirty seven years.

Dr. Shearrill is anointed to teach God’s word.  She believes in the commission of our Lord and                 Savior Jesus Christ “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel…,” but she also adheres to the promise of Christ, that He would leave us a comforter, which is the Holy Ghost…It is in this great commission that she is lead by the directing of the Holy Ghost in visions; and as Angelic Angels are present in the miracle crusades and during the anointed services.  The Holy Ghost leads her as many miracle healings of all sorts occur within the services.  It is her tremendous burden for the lost which consistently compels her to endlessly take on the commission of “Reaching the World for Christ.”  Dr. Shearrill is known for her consistent but fervent “reliance upon the Holy Ghost” during each service and respectfully, a “life of prayer and humble submission” to God and the services of His people.

Armed with the Word of God and the encouragement of her pastor, the late Chief Apostle, Dr. Richard D. Henton; August 7, 1984 she became the Founder and Pastor of the International Deliverance Outreach Ministries, Inc, a Global Ministry Network.  The ministry began in her home in a small residential area in Chicago, Illinois.  The IDOM membership is currently represented by over 200 hundred families and continually growing.  There are also many outreach programs within the ministry.   Apostle Linda C. Shearrill is the Presiding Prelate of International Global Association of Churches.  She resides over churches throughout the Midwestern region of the United States, foreign counties which include South Africa and Uganda East Africa, Kenya East Africa and India.  She is also a member of the Joint College of Bishops.  She is also the founder of Linda C Shearrill International Ministries.

fifty four years of effective ministry service is represented with the current year 2023, while 39 years of Pastoral Services is clearly identified through this year also.  The “golden” years of yesterday began Dr. Shearrill’s ministry in 1969 and with an “old fashioned” Bull Horn on the street corners of Chicago in the summer of 1970 with the age ole message “You Must Be Born Again!”  The vision continues to unfold through media, reaching homes and businesses throughout Illinois and Indiana, she is heard weekly m-f 11:00am over WBGX 1570 am dial.  This station can also be heard on the worldwide web: www.gospel1570.com.  The Annual publication/newsletter “Last Days Outpour” is currently being mailed to the homes and offices of ministry partners and also to fellowship churches and ministries.

                                                       SIGNS & WONDERS
In an effort of "reaching the lost at any cost," Dr. Shearrill travels extensively throughout the country and also into foreign lands, to minister the word of God and bringing the healing presence of Christ to God’s people.  God uses her under a “prophetic anointing” with signs, wonders and miracles following. (See the book of Acts chapter 19 verse 11-12).  There are literally hundreds of testimonies where tumors have disappeared, cancers have dissolved, and many other varying forms of diseases, illnesses and malfunctions having vanished without any systems or traces.  Hundreds are being set free from drug addictions and abuse, while others are receiving Christ into their hearts as Lord and Personal Savior.  Many Christian/Saints are receiving restoration, regeneration and revival of their Spiritual walk with God through God’s Awesome Power of reconciliation.   

Dr. Shearrill holds her Bachelor degree in Biblical Studies from Logo Bible College International.  September 27, 2008 she received her Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Hope Schools of Ministry Consortium South Bend, Indiana.  She is also the recipient of the Apostle Award in 2006 by Apostle Richard D. Henton.  She is also the recipient of the Award of Excellence for promoting international understanding of peace on September 17, 2010 from the Office of the City of Chicago Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, Treasurer.
She published her book May 2010 The Manifested Healing Power of God.  To obtain a copy go to Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com.

Apostle Shearrill was consecrated a Bishop August 15, 2003 by Apostle R.D. Henton and Bishop James H. Everett.  Her confirmation to the office of Apostle was June 7, 2015 by Apostle Sylvester P. Brinson III, Apostle I.D. Harris, Apostle Yvonne Lee Wilson and Apostle Steven Pettis.  

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